We are ordinary people, we belong to the 99%. We have rights and dreams, lost amid the daily battle of life. We witness an intolerable reality which worsens every day, due to the damaging measures of the memoranda. The problems in Greece however, do not begin, nor end with the memoranda.

Not long ago, during the economic bubble years, we were experiencing inequality and social fragmentation, violence or apathy, depression, systemic corruption and lack of justice, low education and low aesthetics.

 We do not wish to return to the situation preceding the economic crisis.

We participated, or at least tolerated, an individualistic way of life, the deification of money, consumerism, spectacle and rat race. As a result, and in the name of all the above, our society systematically raped the environment and violated human dignity.

What went bust are not only public financial systems, but above all, this lifestyle and these mainstream values.

And this process occurred in almost the entire world. The greatest victims were billions of impoverished people, mostly in Africa and Asia, and the environment in general, who carried the burden of this “development“.

We have no illusions, this system is democratic only by name. It is controlled by economic and political oligarchies, which only serve their own interests.

We demand democracy and justice, direct and without representatives. We demand the ability to make decisions about our lives, ourselves, through collective shaping and control of institutions.

To become more responsible as human beings, learning, through participation, from our rights and our wrongs.

We demand a fair and supportive society with equal opportunities for all, with respect towards diversity, with respect towards the environment and all life.

A society that assures everyone equal rights of access to food, housing, health, expression, labor and creativity, education, culture, communication, transport, leisure, and self-determination.

A society where we, and not the corporations and their advertisers, will be deciding what, how, and how much we produce and consume, based solely on our natural resources and our real needs.

A society with freely accessible public spaces and natural resources, and with protected privacy of the individual. A society with free access to knowledge, information and technology.

An autonomous society of prosperity, beauty and creativity, in which we give meaning to our lives ourselves.

We understand the violent outbursts of those experiencing injustice and authoritarianism, but violence is not the solution. Big changes for the better did not really stem from rivers of blood, they stem from imagination and initiative, dialogue and persuasion, common spaces, empathy and eventually the common/colective consciousness & creativity.

We see it all around us. Society has started to discuss the real issues. Everything is expressed and everything is open. Now is our chance.

We become the change we want to see in the world

Occupy Athens

You can join us:

Every Wednesday and Sunday, at Thission @ the park right over the train station

@ internet: